Central Square Foundation has funded over 30 leading nonprofits working on innovative theories of change in K-12 education.


  • 321 Education Foundation

    321 works on improving student learning by providing individualised support to teachers, world class curriculums to schools, data analytics for each student and continuous communication for all stakeholders.

  • Chimple

    Chimple Learning’s aim is to develop and distribute tablet based open source learning tools that help children without access to quality education achieve basic literacy and numeracy in an engaging and self-directed way.

  • India School Leadership Institute

    Developing school leaders to lead high-performing schools for low-income communities.

  • Key Education Foundation

    Ensuring that every child has the best start in life through a quality Early Childhood Education.

  • Khan Academy India

    Free supplementary learning tool for Grade 5 - 12 students. Provide over 5k videos and 50K exercises in English, Hindi, Gujarati for Mathematics and Science, amongst other subjects.

  • Language and Learning Foundation

    Improving foundational language and literacy outcomes through high-quality professional development for teachers and teacher educators.

  • Learning Curve Life Skills Foundation

    Enabling children from underserved backgrounds with essential social-emotional skills so that they can achieve equitable adulthood and life outcomes.

  • Madhi Foundation

    Reimagining school systems to eliminate the foundational learning crisis in India.

  • Saarthi

    Empowering parents in low-income communities to provide excellent early childhood experiences to
    their children at home.

  • The Teacher App

    TheTeacherApp is a not-for-profit organization aiming to achieve the vision: ‘Every teacher will learn and grow anytime, anywhere, at zero cost.