As per ASER, 52.2% of children in G5 cannot read a G2 text. Teachers are insufficient, overworked with admin duties and not able to remediate at right level of the child. Currently there are very few Personalized Adaptive Learning platforms that address foundational literacy and numeracy in vernacular languages. Chimple is a gamified, personalized and adaptive learning system which guides a child from absolutely no knowledge of the alphabet to a stage where the child can read to learn and perform basic arithmetic. The solution customizes the learning to each child such that without anyone’s help, the child can learn very effectively. Using low cost mobile devices, intelligent software and gamified learning, we believe the child can learn by themselves, either in a group (such as a classroom) or alone (at home), either under the direction of a teacher, parent, elder sibling or by themselves.

Growth metric table

Budget3.5 Cr8 Cr7 Cr
Number of schools75120120
Team Size 2030