Our Approach

We believe that a collaborative approach to deliver a comprehensive and scalable pedagogical solution, backed by key system reforms, is imperative to meet the common goal of foundational learning. Our main objective is to build on the existing evidence and demonstrate how large-scale education reform could be conducted.

Inspired by the Doing Development Differently (DDD) framework by Crouch and DeStefano1, we are working with key partner states to co-design and deliver a program that can show significant increase in foundational learning at scale. The key elements of the program are outlined below.


To engage with decision-makers and stakeholders to position foundational learning in classes 1 to 3 as the foremost priority
for the education system. This includes defining clear and measurable goals to achieve foundational learning (through comprehensive in-classroom products).

2. Providing Support

To co-create a foundational learning program contextualized to a state based on comprehensive evidence and best practices from within India and internationally. We are working with partners to design a robust package with in-classroom elements (such as instructional design and teaching learning material for students) as well as key system enablers (such as teacher training and mentoring). This package will also look at state-specific, structural factors such as the differences in language at home and in school, and the multiple levels of competency within classrooms.

3. Institutionalizing Monitoring and Accountability

To establish constant and rigorous evaluation for course-correction and state-owned accountability for the package. We aim to leverage and strengthen systemic capacity to create transparent accountability mechanisms.

4. Building for Scale and Sustainability

To ensure strong ownership by the government to achieve long-term sustainable impact at scale. This involves working with the system and building state capacity and ownership for adoption of the intended pedagogical and structural changes, and ensuring that the solutions are cost-effective and can be scaled effectively.

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