At Central Square Foundation, we believe that education reform to improve the quality of learning in the Indian school system will be led by high-performing nonprofits driving innovation in the sector.

Central and state governments are actively seeking to partner with nonprofits to enhance learning outcomes, and increasing amounts of philanthropic funding is also being directed towards education. However, there is a lack of sustained financial and strategic support for nonprofits in India, especially in their early stages. More than 80% of private capital in education can only be accessed by nonprofits after their first three years, while over 97% of nonprofits in India reported that they require more support to develop strategic leadership in the initial stages.

The CSF Grant Accelerator aims to bridge these gaps by sourcing and supporting an ecosystem of early-stage nonprofits that are focused on enhancing the quality of K-12 education for low-income communities.


Our unique and comprehensive approach provides support across all stages of the grantmaking process, from sourcing to exit.

Leveraging our deep expertise in education, we identify critical gap areas and levers in the Indian education landscape, to proactively source organisations working towards addressing these.

We find existing organisations as well as incubate new organisations, that are truly distinctive in their approach and have the potential to pioneer large-scale impact in Indian education.

We invest deeply in our portfolio-organisations, providing targeted strategic and operational support through internal advisory, resources and external partnerships, to ensure enhanced sustainability, scalability and impact.

We provide unrestricted, non-programmatic financial support to our portfolio-organisations across their start-to-scale life cycle. Our grant investment is targeted towards enabling overall growth of our portfolio-organisations.

We commit to a responsible exit, with a focus to ensure financial sustainability of our grantee partners beyond our grant support.

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We have partnered with over 30 leading education nonprofits, including Khan Academy, 3.2.1 Education Foundation, India School Leadership Institute (ISLI), Language and Learning Foundation and The Teacher App.

Through strategic and operational support, we enable our grantee partners to enhance their financial sustainability, scalability and impact.

Current Grantees