Central Square Foundation has funded over 30 organizations working on innovative theories of change in K-12 education.

We are actively seeking to expand our portfolio by supporting distinctive nonprofits aspiring to lead the next wave of education reform in India.To this end, we run the CSF Grant Accelerator for nonprofits in education, offering access to early-stage capital as well as strategic support.

Our Focus Areas

Our strategy is aimed at identifying gaps in the ecosystem and supporting organizations that have the potential to fill those gaps successfully. Our current areas of focus are:


Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) and Early Childhood Education (ECE)

To ensure that all children achieve foundational literacy and numeracy by primary school (K-5), we hope to support organizations with effective tools and programs to drive ECE and FLN in high-need classrooms.


EdTech for K-8

We look at technology-based solutions, including solutions for both primary and upper primary levels, such as personalized learning models, digital classrooms or technology-based teacher-facing models.


Public Systems Delivery

To ensure effective delivery of solutions at the state level, we aim to support organizations that can strengthen implementation capabilities of state systems. This could include strengthening state-level agencies and departments, building capacity of officials, or streamlining key processes from textbook delivery to accountability.



However, we do not limit ourselves to the above-mentioned areas of focus. We are also open to other innovative models in education driving improvement in learning outcomes, as long as they qualify as per the criteria laid down for our grantee organizations.

Our Selection Criteria

We aim to create an ecosystem of partners who can enable and lead this collaboration towards making meaningful impact. We look for the following in each organization that we support:

Early To Mid Stage:

We fund organizations in the early stages of developing their solutions, where our limited investment will have valuable impact on the organizations’ capacity to deliver effectively and set them up for success. Thus, at the time of investment, our grantees typically range from being just at the idea stage to being up to 3 years old, with a focus on building their organizational capacity.

Non-profit focused on low-income K-12 education ecosystem:

We work with nonprofits who focus on students from underserved communities, either by aiming to improve the government school system in India or by serving the affordable private school system through their solutions.

Strong entrepreneur and team:

We recognize that in the early stages of an organization, the idea and programs go through several iterations. Therefore, we focus disproportionately on the strength and capability of the team to navigate ambiguity and build a successful organization. We look for people who have clarity of vision, are mission-driven and passionate, bring the right technical and organization-building skills, and have a strong learning mindset.

Impact orientation:

We look for strong evidence of impact in terms of student learning (or other relevant outcomes) in our grantees’ theory of change. We evaluate the different models based on evidence from global research as well as monitoring and evaluation data from the organization’s program (if available).


We are seeking organizations that bring new, distinctive ideas or approaches to improve the quality of learning. These could be completely new innovations or fundamentally new areas of work, or these could even be improved ways of delivering existing solutions through innovative approaches and tweaks.


To reach our goal of ensuring excellent education for every child in India, we look for models that can be ultimately scaled to millions across the country. We partner with organizations aspiring to expand their impact significantly by growing themselves and by collaborating with others stakeholders. This involves building scalable, replicable systems and processes, and knowledge-sharing with the ecosystem.


Technology-backed solutions have the capacity to scale very rapidly in a sustainable way. We don’t fund only tech-based solutions, but we are actively looking to support organizations that leverage the power of technology to streamline their systems and processes, enabling fast growth and efficient execution.


We aim for our grantee organizations to become financially sustainable as they scale. We partner with organizations that have a plan and capability for achieving sustainability through funds from other philanthropies, CSR or other donors, by leveraging public funding or by generating revenue from clients.

The Grant Accelerator Advantage

At CSF, we invest deeply in our grantee partners to build strong, mission-driven organizations creating real impact in the ecosystem. We aim to forge long-term partnerships, with comprehensive, customized support for each stage to help our grantees achieve their goals.

1. Financial support:

We provide unrestricted, non-programmatic funding support to grantees for overall organizational development. The support is typically for a duration of one year, renewable based on review. We fund our grantees at three stages:

2. Strategic and Operational Support:

At CSF, we provide extensive, need based support and value added services to our grantee organisations. Key areas of support include:

  • Solution
    Effective solution with respect to impact and adoptation by the end user.
  • Strategy
    Well-defined strategy, with clear theory of the change, and 3 year startergy plan
  • System for learning
    Strong M&E sytems and processes to track progress & iterate based on data
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    Engagement with the ecosystem through advocacy, partnership and brand-building
  • Scale
    Inherent scalable of the programme/idea directly or by enabling the ecosystem
  • Sustainability
    Financial sustainability either through fund-raising, or public or earned revenue
  • Staff and Skills
    Robust organisational structures, capacity and culture
  • Structures
    Strong governance, leadership and management of the organisation

3. Ecosystem support and Mentorship:

Through our vast networks, we provide access to relevant experts and mentors, potential partner and service-provider organisations, the government and in select cases, fundraising opportunities to our grantee organisations.

4. Responsible exit:

We strive to make a responsible exit from grantee organisations. From inception, we work with organisations to establish clear benchmarks that incrementally reduce their dependence on our support and help them identify resources to grow independently beyond our direct involvement.

How to Apply

The Grant Accelerator program is not accepting any new applications at this point in time.

Selection Process

Application Stage

  • Initial shortlisting happens through a rigorous selection process within two weeks of application. Applicants might receive a call by our team for queries.

Due Diligence Stage

  • Initial shortlisting happens through a rigorous selection process within two weeks of application. Applicants might receive a call by our team for queries.
  • Proposals are evaluated by relevant teams at CSF within three weeks after the submission. Our team might ask for a visit to learn more about your organisation.

Selection Stage

  • Organisations with selected proposals are asked to work with relevant teams at CSF for 2-3 weeks to prepare a pitch.
  • Final pitches presented to the CSF’s Investment Committee.
Total process is completed within 3 months of the application.

Have Questions? Connect with us.

To find out about the status of your application:
We follow the timelines mentioned in our application process. In case you don’t hear back from us within those timelines, you could write to us to check the status of your application.

For general queries:
In case you have any queries and are not able to find the answer on our website, or would like to partner with us, please write to us. We are available at

Please expect that it may take up to one week to revert to queries.