Central Square Foundation has funded over 30 leading nonprofits working on innovative theories of change in K-12 education.


  • 321 Education Foundation

    Training teachers to efficiently deliver classroom instruction, leading to improved learning outcomes in students.

  • Chimple

    Enabling children to achieve basic literacy and numeracy through a tech-based personalized adaptive learning platform.

  • India School Leadership Institute

    Equipping school leaders from low-income schools with tools and resources to transform their schools.

  • Key Education Foundation

    Improving social-emotional development of children through effective early childhood education.

  • Khan Academy India

    Creating and disseminating personalized learning resources for students in vernacular languages.

  • Language and Learning Foundation

    Working with state governments holistically to influence classroom practice and learning outcomes around early language and literacy.

  • Learning Curve Life Skills Foundation

    Empowering children from under-resourced and vulnerable environments to have access to equitable adulthood outcomes through a social-emotional development approach.

  • Madhi Foundation

    Improving foundational learning outcomes for children in public schools through robust teaching-learning material, teacher training and tracking.

  • Saarthi

    Empowering parents in low-income communities to provide excellent early childhood experiences to their children at home.

  • The Teacher App

    Equipping teachers with byte-sized mobile-first digital content.

  • Involve Learning Solutions Foundation

    After-school peer-learning program to improve foundational learning in younger students (learners), while building leadership skills of senior students (student leaders)