Early Childhood Education in India is a highly unregulated space. Children from low income communities struggle to access a quality Early Childhood Education due to which they are not cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally school ready. School, teachers and parents are often unaware of the developmental needs of children between the ages of 3-6 which results in students performing poorly, dropping out and having poor life outcomes in the long term. The School Readiness Program by Key Education Foundation, takes a three pronged approach to ensure collective action of all stakeholders.
- equip schools with the age appropriate materials and curriculum to deliver a high quality ECE.
- work with teachers through targeted capacity building and year long program support through over 60 hours of capacity building
- empower parents through workshops and weekly support worksheets to ensure that they are capable of making informed choices for their children

Growth metric table

Budget (In Rs. Lakhs)22100264
No. of schools525100
Students reached1000400020000
Team size51220