With the rise of online self-learners, there is a lack of free high-quality educational content, especially in vernacular languages, to support the learning journey of students.

Khan Academy offers a free platform for students to access instructional videos, practice questions and personalized mastery dashboards to empower them to study at their own pace, both at home as well as in schools. Khan Academy team is continuously expanding its content coverage across curriculums and languages. It now offers Mathematics and Science content in English, Hindi and Gujarati. To stimulate adoption in schools, Khan Academy team is also working closely with some government and private schools to institutionalize Khan Academy Mathematics sessions to supplement in-class learning.

Growth metric table

Budget (In Rs. Lakhs)1 cr1 cr1 cr
No. of beneficiaries - students, teachers (cumulative)542k Monthly active
users1195k monthly unique
725k Monthly active
users1996k monthly unique
990k Monthly active users
Team size141919-20