We are working to transform the school education system in India to improve the learning outcomes of all children, especially from low-income communities. To achieve our goal, we provide support and partner with organizations working on innovative solutions in education, as well engage with the system to drive sustainable and positive impact. We also collaborate with other ecosystem stakeholders to build research and create effective proven tools around critical issues.

Our Impact Areas

Foundational Learning

Ensuring a strong foundation

To quality learning for
all Children

We believe all children should attain the foundational skills of reading with meaning and basic math by class 3.

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Bringing innovation

In education

We believe in using technology-based solutions like personalized learning tools and digital classrooms to support teachers and students.

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Private Schools

Improving Learning Outcomes

in Affordable Private Schools

We believe in encouraging focus on student learning outcomes from parents, school owners and policy makers to improve the quality of the private school sector.
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The April edition of The EDge looks at how schools can prioritize improving the quality of learning and teaching. The first article summarizes how Key-Stage Assessments (KSAs) in grades 3, 5 and 8 can play a transformative role in improving student learning, and explains how they can be institutionalized in states. In the second article, we speak to Bhuvana Anand, Founder-Director at Trayas, on the need for setting up an independent regulatory body to address regulatory challenges faced by low-fee private schools so that they can focus on learning outcomes.

The EDge - a monthly newsletter of interesting ideas and work in education reform

Govt Plans to Set-up Model Schools with State-of-the-art Infrastructure

The Union Education Minister has said that the government is in the process of establishing model schools that will be called ‘PM Shri Schools’. The minister further stated that these schools will have state-of-the-art infrastructure and impart 21st century knowledge and skills to students.

EdMonitor - a weekly round-up of news from school education in India

EdTech Solutions to tackle the Learning Crisis during COVID

CSF is working with key stakeholders in the education ecosystem including the government, investors, and private sector as well as non-profit organisations to make available solutions with high-quality content in vernacular languages for low-income communities. We have curated a database of resources that will be useful in making informed decisions about which EdTech tool serves the purpose best.

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