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May 16th, 2024

Part I of Report: Implementation Playbook on Procurement, Provisioning, Distribution and Maintenance of Devices for Educational Purposes

Access has often been quoted as an impediment to equity with respect to EdTech and hence, governments across the world have run device distribution programmes to provide children with access to digital devices. However, it is important that such programmes have high-quality educational software and well defined structures to encourage student’s sustained usage, retention and engagement.

CSF’s project on ‘Understanding EdTech Usage at Home Using Dedicated Devices’ was an attempt to create an archetype of a programme where children have dedicated devices loaded with two high-quality learning solutions, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) software and an internet package and programmatic nudges were deployed to encourage EdTech usage at home. This implementation playbook synthesises our learnings from procurement, provisioning, distribution and maintenance of devices for any stakeholders looking to set up a device distribution programme for educational purposes.

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