Report Background

December 24th, 2020

This report provides insights around nine key teaching-learning interactions that EdTech has impacted around the globe. The database powering this analysis is also available for free access. The analysis covers over 300 interesting innovations across 37 countries.

Lesson Preparation

From static to interactive, personalized plans

Technology reduces teacher effort to create engaging and personalized lesson plans

Lesson Delivery

From sage on the stage to guide by the side

Technology allows for a teacher to transform into a coach who provides personalized instruction

Teacher Professional Development

From mandated to incentivized

Technology enables scalability and flexibility of TPD, providing teachers more ownership of their own growth


From task-based to insight-led

Technology reduces teachers’ time and effort to create, assign and ensure compliance for homework


From exam fever to engaging, automated assessments

Technology reduces effort to create engaging assessments


From learning at grade-level to learning at one’s pace

Technology enables a higher degree of personalization to individual student’s learning needs


From being teacher dependent to resolving doubts on demand

Technology enables students to become increasingly independent in the doubt resolution process

Parent-Teacher communication

From receiving information at PTMs to building cohesive parent-teacher communities

Tech enables increased depth and quality of engagement between parents and teachers

Parental Participation

From being a supervisor to becoming a partner in child’s education

Technology enables parents to provide increased level of learning support to their children

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