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Systems have to care about the learning levels of all children

In a two-part interview with Luis Crouch, the renowned education expert shares his thoughts on what is required for early grade programs to be able to achieve effective impact at scale. He also looks at how civil society and nonprofits can play a role in supporting governments to own and implement these programs.

By Luis Crouch September 2019

How EdTech is Transforming Education in Remote Dantewada

A collaborative intervention to introduce Mindspark – a pedagogy-based personalized adaptive learning solution – in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh has led to surprisingly positive results in this isolated region.

By The EDge Editorial Team August 2019

Changing the Game: Using Technology for Foundational Learning

Can games help children learn basic reading and mathematics? An Indian app called Chimple is working on this very premise to create a tech-based personalized adaptive learning platform, which aims to improve learning outcomes in young children.

By Debleena Majumdar September 2019